Organisateur : Commune de Bertrange
Heure : 19:00 - 22:00
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17 Rue Atert
8051 Bertrange

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The Blind Narcissist: inspired by the Greek myth of Narcissus, deals with human egocentrism and its impact on others. In today’s world, where social media encourages self-expression and the search for validation, the concept of The Blind Narcissist is more relevant than ever. People can get caught up in seeking validation from others and lose touch with authentic relationships and empathy along the way. This can lead to toxic relationships with narcissistic people. Understanding narcissism is not just about recognising it in individuals, it’s also about understanding how it affects society as a whole. In personal relationships, in the workplace and even in political leadership, addressing narcissistic traits is essential to fostering healthy interactions and a more inclusive society.



Title: « The Blind Narcissist »

Conceived by : Saeed Hani

Dancers: Robin Rohrmann & Gabriel Lawton

Stage Design: Alexander Harry Morrison & Saeed Hani

Light Design: Marc Thein

Music: Jakob Schumo, Akira Rabelais, Ryoji Ikeda, Erik K Skodvin, and UMEK

Production: Hani Dance Movement-Art & menschMITmensch e.V


Saeed Hani is a Syrian-German choreographer and director of Hani Dance Movement-Art in Luxembourg who has travelled the world from Korea to Mexico with his work. Trained at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Saeed’s path led him to the renowned Caracalla Dance in Beirut. His performances have impressed audiences around the world. He has worked with companies such as Battery Dance in New York and Theater Münster in Germany. Saeed’s artistic vision pushes boundaries by using movement, history and human stories to create impactful works that challenge social norms and celebrate authenticity. Through his exploration of themes such as nudity and the human condition, Saeed stimulates the imagination and invites reflection, leaving a lasting impression on audiences around the world. Saeed is a Grand Luxe artist for 2024-2025 and his upcoming projects for 2025 include a creation for the Stadttheater Görlitz in Germany and « Unveiling the Abstract » at the Mierscher Kulturhaus, ArCA Commune de Bertrange in Luxembourg and the Europahalle in Trier Germany.


Gabriel Lawton is a contemporary dance artist based in Berlin, Germany. Australian-born, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance Performance at The Boston Conservatory in the US before establishing himself in Berlin.

Gabriel has worked on projects throughout Germany and Europe, touring internationally. In particular, he seeks out projects in which his role is as generative as performative and is most interested in work which refuses to be bound by the traditional limits of any single media. Some of his fondest work in recent years has been with Tomer Zirkilevich, Jasmine Ellis, Johannes Bönig, Yael Cibulski, Sommer Ulrickson, and his ongoing collaboration with Saeed Hani, friend, and director of the Luxembourg and Trier-based Hani Dance.


Robin Rohrmann was born in Frankfurt am Main and received his formal training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts) and the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. He was a member of the Dance Company Theater St. Gallen performing works of Marco Santi, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, Marcel Leemann, Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Frucek a.o. and creating his own work.

As a freelance artist he worked with choreographers and directors such as VA Wölfl/NEUER TANZ, Anna Konjetzky, Tina Tarpgaard, Dana Caspersen, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, Yamila Khodr, Verena Billinger & Sebastian Schulz, Emanuele Soavi, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Claus Guth, Marcel Leemann, Rudolf Frey, Canan Erek, Jascha Viehstädt, Michael Langeneckert and Saeed Hani for The Blind Narcissist.


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